Cash flow management
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Cash flow management

 03/05/2012 - 08:58 
Cash flow management


Cashflow management is the process of monitoring, reviewing and regulating a company’s cash flows. Cash flow is to a business what oxygen is to human beings. Cash flow management helps a business survive and prosper and is the main indicator of a company’s financial health. Cash flow management helps to strengthen a business through the timely estimation of overall cash inflows and outflows. Cash flow management also helps avoid cash shortages.

Cash inflows are realized through the sale of goods and services to customers. Cash outflows take place through operating expenses, the purchase of fixed assets, loan repayments, dividend payment and taxes. By managing cash inflows and outflows, it is possible to maintain a specific amount of cash at all times.
Course Target

The purpose of this course is to provide understanding and knowledge of how to best manage cash flow and how to act accordingly to the situations that may arise. It will illustrate to students the importance of cash flow management and how this is applicable to managing a successful organisation.

Cash Flow Management gives you the skills to identify potential cash flow blips long before they become a problem and gives you tools to take practical measures to avoid putting your company under financial strain.

Who should attend?
Accounts Managers, Non-Financial Managers, Owner-Managers, Purchase Ledger Supervisors, Credit Control Supervisors, Bookkeepers
How will you benefit?

By the end of the course learners will know:  

  • The objectives of a cash flow
  • How to identify the problems with cash flow
  • The optimal level of cash
  • The actions related with cash flow
  • How to work a time cycle
  • How to make forecasts
  • To understand short term financing
  • How to reduce certain types of cash outflows
  • To be aware of certain types of practices of cash flow
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Measure and analyse financial performance
  • Quickly and effectively diagnose a problem and implement a solution
  • Identify ways to improve efficiency, cash flow, and profits
  • Use ‘break even analysis′ to recognise the true impact of changes to price, volumes, and costs on your bottom line
  • Build a profit plan and cash flow budget
  • Plan for and manage seasonality
  • Understand the financial impact of growth on cash flow
  • Identify the most appropriate ways to fund growth

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