Financial management in hospitality industry
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Financial management in hospitality industry

 03/05/2012 - 10:25 
Financial management in hospitality industry


Hospitality Financial Management provides a straightforward, practical approach to help the hospitality manager effectively analyze hospitality industry management reports and financial statements; prepare accurate business forecasts, strategic pricing models, and effective cost control systems; manage working capital; develop and finance growth strategies; perform investment analysis; prepare investment packages; negotiate and structure business deals; and ultimately increase shareholder value and personal wealth.

Program Description

This course is designed to integrate the fundamental concepts of accounting and financial reporting, managerial accounting and introductory business finance with the concepts and tools of financial management in hospitality organizations. This course will emphasize on the analysis of the financial strength and weakness of a hospitably firm, cost benefit analysis of asset acquisitions, analysis of cash flows and valuation concepts and techniques. Financial Management in the Hospitality Industry is an advanced and an applied course. Learners apply finance valuation techniques using real data, integrate finance concepts and quantitative analyses into logical business solutions, and make and defend decisions regarding a business problem at hand. This, along with a commitment to quality, means that this course is a reasonably difficult course.

How You Will Benefit

Participants will learn how best to measure financial performance and value creation for hotels and how companies connect these metrics with the hotel’s strategic goals and its managers’ performance.

  • Understanding how value is created by a hotel in a competitive market
  • Measuring performance and value from the operator and connecting it to the hotel owner’s value
  • Identifying how we assess whether investments made in the hotel create value for the hotel’s owner
  • Identifying specific strategies that can enhance profitability and value in the hotel
  • Improving financial performance by maximizing the use of working capital and long-term assets in a competitive hotel market.
  • Assessing the value of outsourcing and in-sourcing in the hotel industry
  • Assessing the value of the hotel’s revenue management results from the owner’s perspective
  • Understanding how to allocate resources within the hotel to maximize value
  • Improving value from space reallocation in the hotel
  • Identifying specific cost-saving strategies for hotels to create value

AFC Institute of Financial Management - AFC Vietnam
Address: 3rd – 10th Floor, Thang Long Building, 105 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi city

Phone: +84 4 3562 7486
Fax: +84 3562 7487


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