Financial skills for leaders
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Financial skills for leaders

 03/05/2012 - 10:43 
Financial skills for leaders


As an entrepreneur or a manager, you must have knowledge of financial management. However, unlike the professional financial experts, leaders or business managers do not have to directly involve in the financing, but they primarily need to understand and use financial information as well for decision of purchase and sale goods, production, product costs, cash flow management, business planning...

The course "Financial Skills for Leaders" is designed specially by AFC Vietnam to help  leaders and middle managers operate their business activities and financial management effectively through case studies related to the necessary financial skills for a manager, thereby they will be able to develop their reading ability and analyzing financial data that is useful for the management for their enterprises.

Program Description

Financial information and financial statements of the enterprise

  • Classification of financial information of the enterprise - What is financial information?
  • Working capital and fixed capital - Implications to leverage
  • The relationship between the financial statements and management decisions

Accounting management of cash flow, profitability and breakeven point

  • The cost relationship - volume - profit
  • Breakeven point
  • Analysis of cash flow from operations and distal cash flow

Budget and financial costs administration

  • Skills and processes of financial budgeting
  • The impact of decisions on financial planning and business results     

Course Target

The course will equip students with skills as below:

Understand the problems about financial control systems.


  • Reading and analyzing the financial statements and the relationship between them.
  • Exploring information in the financial statements and accounting management   reports.
  • Distinguish cash flow and profits, the costs, financial budgetary and its impact on the business planning and decisions.

Training Method

  • Short presentation of the teacher
  • Personal exercises
  • Casting
  • Group discussion
  • Case Study

AFC Institute of Financial Management - AFC Vietnam
Address: 3rd – 10th Floor, Thang Long Building, 105 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi city

Phone: +84 4 3562 7486
Fax: +84 3562 7487

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