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Leadership Skills is very much for you if you’re a team or project leader, junior or middle manager looking for a practical approach to leading and motivating people. Your company may be planning or undergoing big changes and need people to ensure those changes are made as smoothly and as anxiety free as is possible. Good leaders can help do this.

Our Leadership Skills training course increases awareness of your current leadership style and abilities and gives you a tool-kit to increase your leadership skills back in the workplace to influence and motivate your staff to achieve exceptional performance. We believe that the best way to learn these skills is by actually practicing them.   So, the emphasis of our Leadership training is on practical skills, via discussion, group work, case studies, and practical exercises.  
You will identify your specific learning points at the beginning of the course and review these throughout the 2 days, identifying goals you will implement back at the office to improve your leadership skills.

Course objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of leadership within a team.
  • Understand your core leadership style.
  • Relate to the 4 basic styles of leadership.
  • Assess the individuals in your team, to establish which leadership style you should use with each team member.
  • Understand the 4 stages of team building.
  • Use a template for effective team building.
  • Know what motivation is and is not.
  • Know the 10 keys for motivating individuals and teams.
  • Use the importance of inspiration and vision to develop others.
  • Effectively give and receive positive and negative feedback.

Reason for study

Organizational managers are no longer purely functional and hierarchical members of an organization. They have become multi-taskers that need to manage and lead their teams, and while some managers can display excellent technical and professional skills they sometimes lack key leadership skills.

Managers and leaders in businesses and organizations do have separate roles, but modern day management gurus have identified the need for managers to undergo leadership development in the form of leadership skills training. Leadership training for manages is aimed at equipping them with atypical leadership qualities and skills to enhance the performance and managerial ability.

Course content

1.    Leadership:

  • The principles of leadership
  • How people lead and influence others
  • Types of power leaders possess
  • Techniques for developing power
  • Attributes of effective leaders
  • Who does the leader serve

2.    Relationship Management:

  • Building productive relationships with others
  • Techniques for influencing others
  • Techniques for building rapport with different personalities
  • The concepts and importance of communication
  • Preferred communication channels, methods, and styles
  • Verbalizing expectations in a clear manner
  • Breaking down barriers to create effective communications

3.    Decision Making, Delegation, and Problem Solving:

  • Decision making elements
  • Making decisions with confidence
  • S.M.A.R.T. outcome criteria
  • Delegation principles
  • Proven problem-solving approaches
  • Common pitfalls in effective decision making

4.    Performance Management:

  • Effective performance management
  • Leaders′ responsibilities for evaluating, reprimanding, and counseling staff
  • Preparing for performance management discussions
  • Conducting performance management discussions
  • Evaluating performance expectations objectively

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