Time Management and Planning Skills
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Time Management and Planning Skills

 01/06/2012 - 03:01 
Time Management and Planning Skills


Time management is actually self management. Its interesting that the skills we need to manage others are the same skills we need to manage ourselves: the ability to plan, delegate, organise, direct and control. Time management is a crucial factor in work and our time management courses are created to ensure that delegates can make their time keeping as efficient and effective as possible. We do this by supplying a time management training course that is full of tools and tips for improving time management, time planning, delegation, organisation and management strategies as well as handling and using time effectively. Our time management course will cover subjects such as goal setting, improving organisation skills and managing time successfully.


The course offers time management training for company employees or leaders wishing to take more control of the way they spend and manage time.

  • To provide tools and techniques that will allow participants to manage their time more effectively and feel more in control of how they spend their time.
  • To enable participants to identify areas of their job where time could be better utilised and the actions necessary to alleviate problems identified.


  • Proactive versus reactive approach to managing your time
  • Managing time stealers
  • Prioritising your time and goal setting
  • Planning and controlling your diary
  • Managing paperwork and your work area
  • Delegating tasks
  • Managing yourself positively and assertively under pressure


Anyone who needs to manage their time! This includes senior managers, line managers and supervisors, administrators, project managers and many more..


  • Establish a clear sense of focus
  • Strategically align through prioritizing
  • Understand what being time efficient means
  • Make effective decisions and handle information flow efficiently
  • Gain control through personal organization and desk management
  • Plan and schedule the necessary time for highly important projects
  • Prioritize daily activities/tasks to accomplish their most important work
  • Be able to plan for the eradication of internal and external time barriers
  • Develop a workable time management plan that can be applied at work
  • Identify key people with whom they need to interact and thereby time manage
  • Delegate with confidence and track delegations with greater ease and success
  • Develop effective techniques for planning and achieving short and long term goals
  • Explore and clarify what information is needed to draw up a time management plan
  • Be able to monitor own time management and adjust the project management plan as required
  • Use flow charts and/or concept mapping techniques to effectively design and manage projects

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